SpectraLux ILS Front Split Visor Lightbar

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(3) Red & (1) Red/White | (3) Blue & (1) Blue/White(3) Red & (1) Red/White | (3) Blue & (1) Blue/White
(4) Red/White | (4) Blue/White(4) Red/White | (4) Blue/White
Ford Interceptor Sedan (2013-2019)Ford Interceptor Sedan (2013-2019)
Ford Interceptor Utility (2013-2019)Ford Interceptor Utility (2013-2019)
Ford Fusion (2016-2018)Ford Fusion (2016-2018)
Ford Expedition (2018-2019)Ford Expedition (2018-2019)
Chevrolet Tahoe (2015-2019)Chevrolet Tahoe (2015-2019)
Chevrolet Traverse (2016-2017)Chevrolet Traverse (2016-2017)
Chevrolet Colorado (2016-2019)Chevrolet Colorado (2016-2019)
Dodge Charger (2015-2019)Dodge Charger (2015-2019)
Dodge Durango (2016-2019)Dodge Durango (2016-2019)
Dodge Ram (2016-2018) Dodge Ram Classic (2019)Dodge Ram (2016-2018) Dodge Ram Classic (2019)
Universal Multi-VehicleUniversal Multi-Vehicle
SKU: SIFMS-3402006
  • Available in two styles; Center-Focused and Advanced Off-Axis
  • SpectraLux®, multicolor LED technology is configurable in combinations of Amber, Blue, Green, Red or White
  • Solaris® LED reflectors provide the highest optical efficiency
  • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology reduces potential failure points
  • Models available with FS Convergence Network for “plug-n-play” installation and programming or a discrete cable
  • (26) built-in flash patterns
  • Vehicle-specific shrouds prevent flash-back and are available for most standard police vehicle applications
  • Multi-vehicle kits offer flexibility for mounting in a large variety of vehicles
  • White LEDs can be utilized as takedowns and flood lighting
  • Slimmer shrouds offer less windshield obstruction 
    for increased officer safety
  • Available in split-front models (8-LED reflectors); passenger side only (4-LED reflectors); driver-side only (4-LED reflectors), Rear Hatch (8-LED reflectors), and Rear Deck (8-LED reflectors)
  • Five-year warranty


    Warning and traffic clearing LED light built for first responders
    Ideal for undercover and highway police vehicle applications, the SpectraLux® ILS Low-Profile offers a smaller and tighter fit to the front headliner with the same advanced warning, takedown, and flood lighting capabilities as a full-size light bar. The shroud top-covers hide PC boards creating a more stealth and finished look, and the fit of the lighting system reduces windshield obstruction which improves the police officer’s visibility.

    Front models of the SpectraLux ILS Low-Profile are available in split front, passenger side, and driver side models. And vehicle specific and multi-vehicle shrouds are available. Vehicle specific shrouds are available for the most common police vehicles, and slotted brackets and side shields in the multi-vehicle model offer flexibility to mount the ILS in a larger variety of vehicles.

    Rear Deck and Rear Hatch models feature low-profile design and vehicle specific shrouds allowing for a tight fit to the back windshield of the Dodge Charger or upper rear hatch of the Ford Police Interceptor Utility.

    Simple installation and programming
    All SpectraLux ILS Low-Profile models are equipped with the FS Convergence Network for simple “plug-n-play” installation and programming. These units are compatible with FS Convergence Network sirens such as the SmartSiren® Platinum, and they are programmed with (26) built-in flash patterns that can remain in sync with other light head flash patterns or operate independently. 
    Standard programming for front models includes left, right, and full flood, takedowns, cruise mode, front cut-off, intersection mode and dimming. Standard programming for rear models includes rear cutoff, intersection mode, dimming, SignalMaster, and cruise mode.

    Advanced Off-Axis Model (SIFZ) Versus Center-Focused Model (SIFM)
    The SpectraLux ILS Low-Profile is available in two models, advanced off-axis and center-focused. Both models offer the same capabilities and incorporate the same technologies. The Advanced Off-Axis SpectraLux ILS Low-Profile utilizes offset Solaris reflectors that provide more light output at the critical intersection angles to the front and sides of the vehicle. The Center-Focused ILS utilizes all forward-facing Solaris reflectors that concentrate all the light output to the front of the vehicle. Forward-facing reflectors allow the ILS Low-Profile shroud to be smaller and mount tighter to the headliner and the Advanced Off-Axis. The Center-Focused model also offers one-piece mounting brackets; whereas the Advanced Off-Axis model has two mounting bracket pieces.


    Approvals SAE J845 Class 1
    SAE J595 Class 1
    Voltage 13.6 VDC (11 VDC minimum)lightbar
    Amp Draw (total) Split front and rear models - 8 amps
    Passenger/Driver Side only - 4 amps
    Operating Temperature Range -30˚C to +65˚C
    Physical dimensions Varies by model
    Ship Weight Varies by model
Additional Information
Light Focus

Centered, Off-axis

Color Pattern

(3) red & (1) red/white | (3) blue & (1) blue/white, (4) red/white | (4) blue/white


Ford interceptor sedan (2013-2019), Ford interceptor utility (2013-2019), Ford fusion (2016-2018), Ford expedition (2018-2019), Chevrolet tahoe (2015-2019), Chevrolet traverse (2016-2017), Chevrolet colorado (2016-2019), Dodge charger (2015-2019), Dodge durango (2016-2019), Dodge ram (2016-2018) dodge ram classic (2019), Universal multi-vehicle

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